Posted: February 5, 2010 in Uncategorized

Lately,I have been spending so much time reminiscing on the good old days.  It’s hard to ignore the fact that video gaming culture hugely influence My decision to become an ILLUSTRATOR (I always dreamt of working  in the video gaming industry which I haven’t still ruled out).

NES (Nintendo Entertainment System for the uninitiated) was the drug of choice for me and many others like  myself and like addicts, we stayed glued to our tv sets hypnotized. The thing almost cost me my grades!  Fast foward to 2010 and I’ve been spending so much time playing MEGA MAN 9, also known as ROCK MAN9 and every single time I never fail to acknowledge one thing; KEIJI INAFUNE IS A GENIUS! Keiji Inafune was solely responsible for the Mega man series. Mega man is a prime example and a fulfilment of the phrase , “A GOOD NEVER DIES”. Even if it’s remains in 8bit!

MEGA MAN was 8-bit nostalgia at its finest. It’s the video-game equivalent of staying up late trying to watch scrambled porn. Minus the shame. To those that know their video gaming history I say kudos. Take time out to soak these images. It should open the flood gates of memories from a time called PAST! To those that don’t know ….I …..errr,…well……hmmmmmmmmmm. (THIS IS ABIT UNCOMFORTABLE! LOL!!)

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