Posted: June 28, 2010 in Uncategorized

It’s never easy staying away for so long and then coming back to the fray but when at the 11th hour I got a call from my friend Ayo Oshun to be a late addition to the line up for SOUNDCHECK LIVE@ PROUD CAMDEN GALLERIES scheduled for sunday 27th of June, I didn’t see it as a chance to seize the spot light but as one that would accord me the opportunity to relate intimately with a group of people who would be appreciative of the gift of art.
So I sent word out and prepped myself up for what would be recorded as my first painting in front of an audience in a long while (last time I did this was approximately 7years ago! Jeez !!)

The show featured talented individuals and a crowd very appreciative of the experience which was overwhelming. From the tatto faced wonder-Dj SOSE on the wheels of steel burning holes through our craniums with sounds unlimited, to acts growing in the ranks namely;The Gang, Dj Lego, Shad, Levelle, as well as the delectable quartet 4Flava(who on the night were just 3 as their group member was just recovering from an illness and couldn’t make it down).

To those that came My unending gratitude. Iam most humbled by Your continuos support for the gift I have been blessed with. Big shout out to Dj Douglas for coming through and showing some love. I see You bruh!

To those that couldn’t but wished they could, no worries. Photographic images below should keep you up to date.



Dj Douglas

The Gang


Dj Lego

The tattoo faced wonder.

Britain’s next top male model; Linton Clarke.

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