Posted: July 12, 2010 in Uncategorized

For a long time I talked, for a long time You listened. For a long time I preached, for a long time You clung to My words, believing that one day the Elevation of Our Mindz would be upon us. For too long a time I stayed in the kitchen supposedly whipping that brown stewed chicken and oh, how many doubted if there was a chicken at all.

And so it’s with absolute pleasure I announce that the first designs from the print collection will be making a maiden appearance on the 25th of July@ Proud Camden, The Horse Hospital, Stables Market, Chalk Farm road, Camden NW1 8AH.

To all that have believed in this movement from it’s inception to this point, I say ‘THANK YOU’! The journey to the top just took a new turn and we will surely mount our flag at it’s apex.


It is with much pride that I announce that Elevated Mindz will be starring at the follow up to the successful SOUND CHECK fixed for the 25th of July. The event will feature the tattoo faced wonder-Dj SOSE feeding the crowd with positive vibrations as well as live video mixes.

The event will also feature a talented collection of unsigned UK acts namely;
Fola, SOS, 4Flava, Levelle, Jaide Green, Yasmin Elizabeth, Benny Bizzie, & Jess.

As usual, Yours’ sincerely will be doing what He does best; forging bespoke/hand painted pieces on garment for the viewing pleasure of the audience (the piece made on the day will be given to one lucky member of the audience. Yes. Really!).

This event will see the the release of 2new designs that have been previewed on facebook but were before now not available and will be available in t-shirts which will be exclusively sold at the event as there will be a pop-up shop set up.
Limited number of pieces will be available so be sure to come early to get suited.

The event will commence at 8pm.

Remain blessed. Stay ELEVATED!

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