Posted: October 4, 2010 in Uncategorized

It aint easy being M.I.A. The last few weeks have flown by creating a state of stagnancy, with the world whizzing past me whilst I remain stuck in my old routine of churning out pieces to satisfy those that have entrusted me with the responsibility to.But then again, so much work has been taking place. So many dots are being connected. So much is being achieved. Slowly.YES! BUT SURELY!!

Late in the summer ELEVATED MINDZ dropped the first pieces from its stables which were embraced and for this I AM MOST APPRECIATIVE of YOUR APPRECIATION towards this cause and thus, this has led to one conclusion; THE DROP OFF!

In a matter of days the WEB-STORE will be up and running , giving many the chance to be a part of THISTORY!

As a build up to it’s unveiling, each piece from the print collection in each unique colour way will be previewed here on a daily basis , breaking down the inspiration behind the designs, and initiating your mindz with the main purpose of preparing you for more to come!

Keep your eyes peeled and ears to the ground as more info on latest developments will be hitting you as soon as possible.

Have an ELEVATED week ahead!

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