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As you may have noticed , the first printed piece from the ELEVATED MINDZ’ STABLES ( the MIND RULES ) has been sticking around like a whiff of bad breath for the last few months (released late in the summer in limited pieces and sold out soon afterwards) but due to popular demand, the decision has been made to include this as part of the AW10 range.

Titled MIND RULES, it comes in 5 COLOUR WAYS and as promised a little while back, pieces from the collection would be previewed here giving everyone an insight to core of the design with each unique color way broken down.

First stop; MIND RULES-RED.

MIND RULES (The Inspiration)

Everything that man is and ever will be is spawned from nothing but a single thought process, with that causing a chain reaction, spiralling into a series of events which either make or break him.

From mans’ many conquests, to technological advancements and achievements, to the battle with self in order to achieve the perfect balance between good and evil, it becomes apparent that the MIND RULES over all around him.
Represented by the ELEVATED MINDZ logo (which features a masculine figure with the fetus being the idea in incubation, and the plant sprouting out of the fetus’ umbilical chord representative of aftermath and growth of his thought process), this is a celebration of mind over matter. For in order to master your surroundings you must first succeed in mastering and conditioning your mind. Also features the EM monogram and the CRYPTIC logo as a repeat pattern.100% percent cotton.

This is my favorite as Red relates to my personality. FIRE, LIFE, UNDILUTED AND UNADULTERATED ENERGY, STRENGTH, POWER, PASSION, DESIRE, LOVE! It is one colour that defines my hyper active nature and the need to always be in a creative state, pouring from the vials of creativity raw energy and ideas that impact on my  immediate environment, causing a pause for all to soak in whatever message is embedded with each piece churned out.

The tees will be re-released sooner than expected . Keep your ears to the ground and your eyes peeled.

To reserve a piece email- elevtdmndz@gmail.com.

Nuff said!






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