Posted: January 11, 2011 in Uncategorized

Hello good people.

This is the first post for the year 20ELEVATED (can’t help saying that! Sure feels good saying that!!) and I cant keep myself from smiling.

I smile because 2010 was a year of mixed experiences and emotions. Highs and lows. Rises and falls. Smiles and frowns.

The beautiful thing about it all is where loses were recorded, we won.For when you lose you learn, picking ourselves up from the fall, shrugging the dirt off our shoulders, and perparing for the next hurdle ahead. Realising that every hurdle is never to be seen as a stumbling block, but a stepping stone to higher levels unknown.
And where we won, we won! We set ourselves up for more challenges. More victories. More accolades!

To all who clicked the like button, sent out messages of encouragement, placed an order, made a comment of appreciation and criticism, supported the movement in any way, shape, or form I say … THANK YOU for making 2010 a very memorable and fulfilling year for without you, this dream wouldn’t have taken flight.


May your achievements surpass your wildest imaginations and may we all be beacons of light,

shining the truth for all to behold and follow.

And may your MINDZ stay continually ELEVATED!


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