Posted: January 28, 2011 in Uncategorized

The heavily rumoured PSP2 that had swirled cyber space was finally unveiled in Tokyo on Thursday morning.  Aptly named NGP (Next Generation Portable) the new device could be the most powerful handheld thus far, with the ability to support portable versions from PS3 titles. With it’s smoothed edges,2 analog joysticks on each side, a 5inch screen made from OLED instead of conventional LCD and a screen that responds to multi touch, the NGP is sure to have you stunned. Unlike it’s peers, the device’s back panel is also sensitive to touch. The games are catridge based which are similar to those on the Nintendo DS as opposed to the UMD (Universal Media Disc). With backward compatible to gaming titles from PSP, PS One, video, and more, you can connect to the Web via 3G or Wi-Fi for quick game downloads. Meanwhile, 2 cameras, front and rear facing, let you share those triumphant gaming moments with your friends. The Sony NGP is set to be available during Holiday 2011. No words on pricing yet, though expect it to be a good chunk of your allowance.

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