Pentax – 645D Japan Urushi Camera

Posted: July 20, 2011 in Uncategorized

In this competitive digital camera segment, Pentax have managed to snatch up two awards for the new medium-format DSLR camera, 645D. The camera boasts 44 x 33mm CCD image sensor that results in a high quality image similar to a 8 x 10 format camera. To commemorate the awards, are releasing the special edition 645D japan version. The exterior of the gadget have been transformed using urashi, a traditional Japanese lacquer technique usually seen on traditional table ware. Deep Bordeaux-wine color is painstakingly applied over many coats and each camera is one of a kind due to the silver leaves being placed on by hand. Gold Pentax logo on top enhance the elegant aesthetic and it comes packaged in a custom wooden box and straps. This camera will be made to order and orders can be placed any time between July 20th until September 20th.









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