Peugeot HX1 Concept

Posted: September 14, 2011 in Uncategorized

Redefining the standard of expectation and elegance, French car manufacturer Peugeot releases their latest Hx1 prospective concept vehicle.  Illustrating their ability to craft fresh ideas and reinvent themselves, the HX1 is designed to help envision the future of car architecture, aerodynamics, and the environment.

Created with a drag coefficient of only 0.28, designers crafted the HX1′s exterior with a formidable aerodynamic value that achieves an extremely fluid and elegant styling aesthetic.  Other notable conceptualizations to the exterior include four reverse-opening “half-scissor” doors that create an ease of access to the interior passenger compartment.  Enhancing the anterior of the car, a “floating” front grille gives the illusion that it is completely detached from the bodywork of the vehicle.

The interior cabin houses mostly brushed metal and digital components.  A recurring theme in the evolution of the auto industry, the HX1 makes use of driver adaptation technologies to memorize and situate itself to each individual driver.  Rear leather seats recline amidst a centre console that houses a minibar and coffee machine.  Completing a modern appeal, the interior is adorned with white Carrare marble, folded and stitched leather as well as natural wood inlays.

Integrating HYbrid4 technology, Peugeot crafted the HX1 to power its front wheels with a hybrid diesel engine while an electric motor powers the rear wheels.  Working in step, this technology affords the complimentary work of both engines for the utmost safety and traction even in extreme conditions.  Priority was given to positioning the HX1 as an environmental leader in the years to come.  Thus, the concept will come equipped with “plug-in” capabilities allowing it to be charged by a standard 240V mains electric socket to maximize fuel consumption and minimize emissions.

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