A Closer Look At 50 Cent’s “Sync By 50″ Headphones

Posted: September 30, 2011 in Uncategorized

50 Cent’s wireless headphones are finally nearing release and I just received multiple pics and a full spec sheet concerning the upcoming high-end model. Sync by 50 uses the now-popular unibody casing but features full on-board playback controls — something no other headphones can proclaim. Housed in each can is a 40mm driver, which is surrounded by a memory foam cushion. The 3.5mm wireless adapter is said to broadcast the signal 50 feet and somehow allow four simultaneous wireless connections through an unnamed wireless standard.


The spec sheet brags that the headphones features a professionally tuned digital EQ along with 16-bit lossless digital sound. The headset apparently charges through micro USB and ships with a wired mic cable (classy) and a hard-shell carrying case. However, the spec sheet doesn’t state the price or release date.

These headphones have had a long journey. 50 Cent (or one of his many companies) teamed up with Sleek Audio last year who later proudly displayed their joint effort at CES. That deal fell through last May. Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson’s SMS Audio then picked up the project and later bought KonoAudiowhose founder is now the president at SMS Audio. 50 Cent joins Dr. Dre and Ludacris in the headphone game.

The headphones will be released along with a wired headset and earbuds within the coming months. However, don’t expect these to be inexpensive. Beats By Dr. Dre showed there’s a market for premium lifestyle headphones and this model seems to employ a fair balance of style and technology. It’s going to be pricey.

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