Posted: May 15, 2013 in Uncategorized


The recent legal skirmish between Supreme and Married to the Mob prompted plenty of online discussion among fans and detractors of both brands, in which matters of intellectual property were examined alongside the state of contemporary streetwear and its attendant upheavals, as well as the inevitable battle lines drawn in their wake. The high point (or nadir, depending on your perspective) was Barbara Kruger getting dragged momentarily into the fray, whose statement was hilariously pithy, if not persuasive. And now that the noise has died down, an industry veteran has penned a thoughtful essay on Supreme v. Married to the Mob. In his blog, Crooked Tongues editor Gary Warnett discusses the shaky legs on which Leah McSweeney’s lawsuit stand, likening it to “manicured nails clawing at a past glory in the competitive marketplace.” A thoughtful examination of a contentious matter, the entire essay, entitled “Knowledge Reigns Supreme” can be found here.


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